"Uncle" Basilius

Great Fork's God of Crime


Essence 3 Terrestrial Divinity of Crime in Great Forks.

Portfolios involve Theft, Shadows, Crime, and Deception.

Basilius appears to be a muscular man in his late forties, with grey-streaked brown hair, hazel eyes, a close-cropped beard, a square jaw, and a warm, friendly smile, like a favored uncle. He dresses in earth-tone togas, and multiple thick gold, silver, and copper rings are on his fingers. His forearms look like he could bend iron bars, but he’s gotten a bit of a gut since his ascension to the underworld throne. Only the dark bands over his eyes hint at his other form, a tanuki.



An antagonist from the Great Fork’s arc, Basilius is both the city’s god of crime, and the leader of the criminal underground. He plays the part of both tyrant, and favored uncle to the criminals of Great Forks, demanding tribute and punishing disloyalty or disobedience with death, but generously dispensing favors, information, wealth, or blessings on those that please him.

His crowning achievement as leader of crime in the city is the so-called “Secret Peace,” an underground agreement endorsed by the Three where Citizens pay him protection money in exchange for immunity from theft. This agreement has massively increased his organization’s profits, given him political clout, and made Great Forks a safer place for thieves and nobles alike. Anyone who breaks the peace is punished with painful—and often public execution.

In addition to running a successful organization, he’s also something of a family man. He has at least three (two, now) adult children, all of which are involved in some facet of Great Forks society, in addition to helping run the family business.

He runs his business out of secret temple in the underway, directly beneath the temple of Constantly Smiling, Great Fork’s god and minister of trade. Although this might be mistaken for an ironic confidence or joke, it’s actually because he is the other god’s twin soul, the other side of the same divine coin.

Associates and Enemies:

His Children:

Alcaeus: His eldest child is a thin, anti-social, ambitious, and scholarly man, a member of Great Fork’s House of Lore. He acts a Basileus’s scribe and number-man.

Corinna: His second-eldest is a muscular and attractive young woman who runs a small shipping company, although most of her time is occupied with acting as her father’s right hand.

Galenous (Deceased): His youngest adult son, Galenous was a famous athlete and wrestler, an attractive and fit, and boastful man. He was murdered by the Lupa sisters for unknown reasons, though his death was blamed on Savage Wraith.

His Employees and Alllies:

Melgarth the Thunderbreaker: The master of Thunderbreaker arena, Melgarth is an exiled lightning elemental from the south, famous within Great Forks for his combat prowess. He works for Baslius as an enforcer and supplier of hired muscle, his gladiators often finding employment within one of Basliius’s gangs.

The Lupa Sisters: A pair of beautiful, psychopathic, and skilled ex-gladiators, the Lupa Sisters were once slaves in Melgarth’s arena, taken captive as girls from the Hill Tribes. They rose to fame for both their beauty and skill in the arena, and upon earning their freedom, gained employment from Basilius as bodyguards.

“Prince” Valens: A ragged fire-aspect Dragonblood pyromaniac sorcerer, self-proclaimed royalty of the Hundred Kingdoms, and secret Akuma of Malfeas, Valens acts as an occult consultant for Basilius. This occasionally involves causing house fires.

The Red Messengers: A famous mercenary group made of refugees from Thorns, they claim experience fighting ghosts, demons, and anathema. They’re recent additions to Basilius’s retinue, hired to deal with Savage Wraith.


Savage Wraith: What started out as a clever thief breaking Basilius’s secret peace, and thumbing her nose at nobles ended up a full scale plot to bring Basilius’s organization to it’s knees. Savage Wraith is the alias of Blood and Silver Prowler and Black Batista, agents of the Walker in Darkness.

Ashoka, Shadow of the Lion: Although instructed by the Three to ignore Basilius’s organization, Great Fork’s Head of the Enforcers cannot entirely ignore a force so anathema to his nature. Thus, the two have a deep, if un-acted-upon enmity.

Old Mother Ration (Deceased): When Basilius first ascended to ruler of the criminal underworld after the disappearance of the White Demon, there was only one gang leader strong enough to challenge him. Old Mother Ration’s gang, the Black Nails, controlled the entire north quarter, and there were months of blood spilled before Ration grudgingly accepted Basilus’s yoke. That arrangement proved temporary, however, as she plotted rebellion in secret, encouraged by Savage Wraith until her discovery, capture, and execution by Basilius’s forces.

"Uncle" Basilius

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