Black Batista

Savage Wraith's other half.


Essence 3 Ghost. Nephrack.

As with all ghosts, Black Batista is translucent and smokey, Void-tainted streaks swirling within his frame. Looking past that, he’s a strong man, average height, with a mess of black braids tied in a bun. He looks like he comes from the northern Hill Tribes, though it’s hard get a feel for his actual skin tone. He wears woad; warpaint that resembles a skull, dresses in leather armor, and carries a heavy one-handed Soulsteel ax, and iron-barbed whip.



Black Batista is a nephrack in service to the Walker in Darkness and partner to Blood and Silver Prowler. Once a feared gang leader in Great Forks, he specializes in direct, destructive necromancy and commanding small groups of mortals or zombies.


Black Batista first appeared guarding Blood and Silver’s Prowler’s base in the underways of Great Forks, when Theron was captured by the Abyssal. More than the simple minion that he appears to be, the ghost proved to both a skilled warrior and necromancer, the other half of the Savage Wraith.

In life, Batista was one of the most feared names in the Great Forks underworld, though he started out as an over-curious scholar in the House of Lore. He was expelled, however, for grave-robbing and researching necromancy, and after being disowned by his family, turned to crime to survive.

Running a gang out of a clinic in the temple district, Batista quickly rose to infamy in a time when Great Forks lived in fear of the White Demon. Batista’s necromancy and study of military history allowed him to remain independent of the Demon, and he attracted a sizable following in a series of bloody coups, gang wars that ended with necromantic slaughter, and charismatic rallies. However, eventually he was betrayed and lured into a trap by the God of Crime, Basilius, and murdered, dismembered, and burned by the Demon.

Necromancers often remain as ghosts, however, and consumed by the desire for vengeance and fear of Oblivion, Batista accepted service to the Walker in Darkness.

Now he desires two things—to extend his unlife as long as possible, and to avenge himself on Basilius and the White Demon.

Black Batista

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