Blood and Silver Prowler

Half of the Savage Wraith. Free the nipple.


Essence 4 Day Caste Abyssal

A petite woman with ivory-white skin and hair, and monochrome black eyes, Blood and Silver Prowler is both beautiful, and slightly unsettling. She wears her hair in a disheveled bob, which, combined her near-perpetual smirk, almost makes her look impish. Although undeath makes it hard to tell, she’s probably mixed race—her facial features point to realm heritage. Modesty is clearly not a concern. She wears a tattered black cloak, a knife-harness that does not in any way cover her chest, tight black leather pants, and boots.


“Hello, Cherie. You look like fun.”


An Abyssal agent of the Mask of Winters, she created the alias of Savage Wraith in Great Forks to bring down Basilius, the God of Crime, a mission she seems to also have a personal stake in. Blood and Silver Prowler is an extremely skilled thief and assassin, easily the equal of any member of the Circle in stealth or combat. Her skill, however, is matched by her pride—she’s boastful and playful.


When the Infernals first arrived in Great Forks, the city was ruled by Basilius, Tyrant-God of Crime in the city. One of his commandments to the criminal underground that was that nobles houses, in exchanged for protection money, were to be untouched by thieves. However, legends were told of a daring burglar who called themself “The Savage Wraith of the Streets” who defied Basilius’s rule, striking at any target they saw fit. This rumored figure was a symbol of defiance for those dissatisfied with Basilius’s rule, a folk hero.

The truth proved somewhat darker. Savage Wraith did, indeed rob nobles, but their grander goal was the overthrow of Basilius. Blood and Silver Prowler enlisted the aid of Old Mother Rattion, a powerful crime boss in the North Quarter of the city to bring down Basilius, building an army of undead “hounds” to defeat Basilius. This plot was prematurely ended by Akasha, Valens, and the Lupa sisters attacking Old Mother Rattion’s safehouse, and destroying the crime family, but Blood and Silver Prowler slipped away, her identity, powers, and true nature still hidden.

The Infernal’s next encounter with Blood and Silver Prowler came several months later, toward the end of the the summer of the first year in Great Forks. Theron Ruinseeker was swept away by a mysterious Abyssal, the only evidence being a brief profile of a man with tosseled brown hair, entropic decay at the scene of the fight, and a hint of the whispers of the Neverborn over the bond.

The party questioned, Typhon, confirming his innocence, then partnered with the Gilded Sons and Basilius to track Theron and the Abyssal down. The trail led Akasha, Seren, and Mei-Ling to a hideout in the sewers of the North Quarter, where they battled Blood and Silver’s gang, including Batista, the other half the Savage Wraith duo. This ended with the death of Blood and Silver’s entire gang, the recovery of a ghost-possessed Theron, and Savage Wraith being forced to flee to the Underworld.

In the Underworld, she saw Chishio investigating the Tomb of the Raven Knight, and furious a the loss of Theron, and dead of her gang, seized the opportunity presenting itself, battling the Defilier in a clash that lasted nearly the entire night. It was decided when Neiko intervened, falling victim to Savage Wraith’s bone maggots and becoming the Abyssal’s hostage. In the battle, Chishio managed to pierce Prowler’s disguise, discovering the Savage Wraith’s true nature

Blood and Silver Prowler

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