Seren Witt

An assassin and a scholar. And a recovering cannibalistic sociopath.



Seren is a Scourge-caste Infernal PC of the campaign. Born in Nexus and raised by a Fae she has emotional problems that make Adorjan proud, but exposure to the party and earning a few true friends might be enough to push her towards a better path. Whether she’s ready to go down it or not is another thing entirely.


Seren is a ball of energy—or maybe more accurately a beanpole of energy. She’s playful, mischievous, mocking, joking, and loves to have her opinion heard in just about everything. Although her past has left her with very little in terms of self-control, she still manages to seem like a regular person that’s just a little bit unusual.

There’s also a lot of her that’s very relaxed. She loves to read, loves to have stretches of time where she can be silly with people she likes, and isn’t solely focused on hurting people as one might expect from her background. It helps immensely that a larger amount of the persons she’s been spending time with are saner, rational, and much whiter on the morality wheel than herself. Seren is learning to be less of a monster and more of a person, which in turn has given her more regard for human life than she’s ever had. But it’s still a long process that could still go either way, depending on what the future brings.

It isn’t unless somebody gets on her bad side that Seren demonstrates the prize-winning qualities of a life-long murderous sociopath. Seren simply does not care if she kills somebody—quite frankly, she does not care at all for the death of anyone she did not know before they died. To those she is angry with or opposite in a real fight she’s outright sadistic, caring little for giving them a clean death and vying instead for bloody agony.


Chishio: Although she doesn’t say it, Chishio was Seren’s first friend in the party—though whether or not he returns the sentiment is up to debate. She enjoys bothering him when he’s being serious, joining in his escapades when he’s doing something dangerous, is grateful for his honest personality (even when he’s crushing her with Mind Hand Manipulation), and delights that his intelligence on par with hers. The two of them bonded during their time in the Tomb of the Raven Knight, as well as over their mutual hatred towards Blood and Silver Prowler for what she did to their Lunar mates. Their shared lack of self-control can be dangerous if left unchecked, but at least they’re close enough not to kill each other. Yet.

Mei-Ling: Seren likes Mei-Ling well enough, but their relationship is…tricky. When first coming into the party Seren found a buddy in Mei-Ling, but not necessarily a friend, as she saw Mei-Ling as being too narcissistic and flighty for her tastes. It didn’t help that she made Seren question her sexuality a hell of a lot more than she ever wanted to. But time spent in Great Forks has given the two of them time to talk and Seren has realized that Mei-Ling is much more intelligent than meets the eye, and appreciates her company for downtime and stealing things alike. The negative is that Mei-Ling’s constant healing of Seren has left her with magical intimacy after magical intimacy, which Seren is well aware of and needs to remove from time to time, thus effectively resetting their entire relationship every time Seren is hurt too badly in a fight. Maybe the next one will keep.

Stazio: The most confusing member of the party for Seren to wrap her head around. Stazio is manipulative, sneaky, smug, and is claimed to be the so-called “leader” of the circle. None of that sits well with Seren, leading to her having a very negative opinion of him for the majority of her time in the circle. It doesn’t help that she knows he can get in her head, but she’s not always sure how. However, Seren has finally found something she likes about Stazio: he’s fun when he stops being such a dick. Despite herself she likes when the smug bastard acts, honestly, like a smug bastard taking the piss out of everyone else. When he’s honestly having fun, Seren doesn’t mind spending time with him. Not that she’d ever admit that to his face.

Thanatos: Seren still isn’t entirely sure what to think of Thanatos. He’s so driven and insistent on the law, but he’s a generally nice guy. Maybe too nice? He’s certainly not going to like her for all the awful things she’s done, and with his issues with the Fae compared to her complicated feelings on them…yeah. Until she finds more common ground with him, the most she has to offer him is respect.

Neiko: Neiko scored huge points with Seren right off the bat because she’s a cat, and Seren thinks cats are awesome. But then Akasha told Neiko she was a cannibal and, well, it went downhill from there for a while. After spending a lot of time with Neiko in Great Forks (partially due to spending time with Chishio), she’s grown to love the Lunar like a little sister. Both of them are sarcastic as they are sneaky with a love of messing with the resident spooky-butt. Seren’s even teaching her martial arts to defend herself! However, despite her willingness to train her, Seren is worried about Neiko needing to put those skills to use. She doesn’t want to see her friend’s hands bloodied, and is trying to prevent that at any cost. Even if it won’t last.

Theron: Seren’s partner, as ordained by the Sun and Moon themselves…sort of? Theron and Seren’s relationship started strained thanks to them being in rival scavenger lord companies, the circle poisoning his friend’s business, bad moods on both sides, and the whole him-getting-kidnapped-because-of-her thing. But saving each other enough times, coupled with the traumatic experiences in the tomb, put those issues to rest (for now). Seren loves Theron really and truly, from his charm to his wit to his awful sense of humor, and for once is desperately trying to reign her dangerous sides back so she doesn’t scare him away. She wants more than anything to be with him and keep him at her side so long as she can…though how much of that is out of honest love for him and how much is a desperate need to be loved is something she’s not willing to question yet.

Blood and Silver Prowler: Bitch kidnapped and tortured Theron, put a knife in Neiko’s back, poisoned Chishio, and put all four of them through the Tomb of the Raven Knight. It’s safe to say that Seren does not like Prowler. But she does have quite a fighting style, and it is fun shooting quips at each other between knife wounds…

Captain Esper of the Solar Deliberative: Seren’s past life, as seen through the memories still clinging to her Exaltation. All Seren knows concretely about her is that she and her partner, Smoke-Stained Wolf of the Gutter, were members of the Solar Deliberative and were chasing down Genboku, Chishio’s prior exaltation. While she does find the irony deliciously bitter, it messes with Seren’s head and makes her question her feelings whenever she gets flashes from Esper’s life, be they happy or horrifying.

Lachen: The most complicated relationship since the Ebon Dragon and the Scarlett Empress, with about as much mind-fucking and horrible implications. Lachen took Seren off the streets when she was just young and frightened enough to cling to anything that looked at her nicely, and since then had been the only beacon of happiness in her life…partially because he was eating her soul the entire time, but you get the gist. After their falling out, Seren has been going back and forth on her lingering feelings towards Lachen. Does she still love him for all he did for her? Does she hate him for what he made her? Does she hate him for abandoning her? Or does she still love him romantically?


Seren was born in Nexus in the purgatory of middle class and poverty. Considered in many ways a “miracle” child, as her mother was thought too weak to bear a child, she was born mute and her mother took the blame for producing a broken child. In return, Seren’s mother made her only child’s life miserable. Seren was locked indoors, sometimes confined to her room alone, and her mother would “forget” to feed her.

Eventually Seren’s mother’s mental state deteriorated to madness and her father abandoned her to her mother’s insanity. She was locked in the basement of their home and left without food and water for several days until desperation gave her the strength to escape. Seren killed her mother in self-defense, then ate most of her corpse out of starvation. This was the first in a long line of murders and cannibalism in order to keep herself alive on the unforgiving streets of Nexus.

Seren had never been outside her home, and it was reaching her tenth birthday in a matter of days—thus, the coldest time of year was approaching. She learned quickly that muggers and criminals didn’t care that she was a child, but they did care that she still walked around with dried blood under her nails and teeth still stained red. It didn’t help that there wasn’t anything to steal and eat in Firewander but the people, and as a result Seren was forced to catch and eat whatever idiots she could catch sleeping. Some that she ate had already died from frostbite. She rarely slept through those early days, either from the cold or the shakes that came with eating people.

It was her violence that attracted a very unusual Fae. Lachen, The Fox who Stole the Stars, quickly made Seren his ward and taught her better ways to kill. Seren learned to read and write from him, developed a sign language between the two of them, and he was even helpful enough not to devour her entire soul from the eight or so years of living with him. Their relationship eventually became romantic (though it’s safe to say said romance was far, far from healthy), but due to Lachen feeding from her on a regular basis, Seren was left only able to feel anything through Lachen himself.

As a direct result from her lack-of-soul, Lachen grew tired of Seren. Without any fanfare he told her he was leaving for good, and in a last ditch attempt to change his mind Seren tried to use violence. But, of course, she was only human, and Lachen made quick work of leaving her body in the same shape as her mind: absolutely broken.

As she lay on the streets of Malfeas, a spider-demon approached her, offering her a second chance. Seren knew too many stories of deals with demons, but was too empty and too hurt to refuse—had she, she would have died from her wounds alone. It took two years in Malfeas to properly reconstruct some vestige of her soul, and even then what was born of Adorjan’s influence and the rekindled anger and madness from Seren’s life did not leave a trace of the person she’d been before Lachen. Seren was convinced that she had been reborn to be a monster, and like that she tried to stay.

It worked, for the most part. Her first mission returned her to Nexus where she was enlisted by Jurgen Icefist with another Infernal named Akasha, a Slayer caste who shared Seren’s love of bloodshed. They were sent to rescue another Slayer named Kai whom had been kidnapped by a party of Abyssals. The resulting trip through shadowlands and fights with said circle was the opportunity Seren needed to demonstrate her newfound demonic strength, and though she found a friend in Akasha, the relationship was only as deep as the blood they spilled together. The two were then sent to find the rest of the Empty City Circle, thus putting Sere into the main campaign.

During the Erlking arc, Seren was only interested in slaughtering as many Fae as possible out of some sort of vengeance against Lachen. She thought she even had a chance to meet him and kill him at the Erlking’s gala, but when it was announced at court that Lachen was not coming she lost all interest in the ball itself, instead deciding to catch and kill a couple foxes on the Erlking’s property to stir up senseless trouble. Along the way, however, she was met with the sight of a tapestry of Lachen and the Erlking together, and was shortly afterwards met with a projected image of the Fox himself.

Seren’s reaction to seeing Lachen was not, in fact, violent. Instead she found herself longing to be with him again (yes, in that way) and he seemed to return the sentiment, but the image was not able to return her touch. They parted ways after he gave her a few hints about how to catch the Erlking’s next hunter, then vanished, leaving Seren…conflicted. It didn’t help that after fighting, catching, and then releasing said hunter—the Courtier—she realized that he had been Lachen in disguise, posing as the Courtier. Faced with the realization that he had been right in front of her this whole time only fueled her rage, but she chose to keep the truth about Lachen’s deception from the party for her own reasons.

After leaving the gala Seren, Chishio, and Stazio separated from Mei-Ling, Thanatos, and Akasha to find a Lunar that Lachen had directed them to—somebody who could have the key to killing the Erlking permanently. Laughing Orchid did indeed have the knowledge they needed, but was just as insane (if not moreso) than Seren was due to his own exposure to the Wyld and his lack of moonsilver tattoos. Seren chose to stay with him during a sudden Wyld storm, and the two of them bonded somewhat as Seren proved to be the only one capable of speaking his brand of insanity. The party, plus Laughing Orchid, then descended into the underbelly of the Erlking’s manse to locate his heart, pulling along Mei-Ling and Akasha to aid them while Thanatos fought the Erlking one-on-one.

Along the way, Seren was forced to call on her Exaltation’s previous host to save the life of Chishio, who chose to eat a poisoned heart in order for them to advance to the next room. Between her medical skill and Mei-Ling’s magic they were able to save his life, and the experience left her confused about Chishio’s motivations for putting himself in danger—especially after she’d grown furious at him for first suggesting Laughing Orchid eat the heart and take the poison. When they entered the Erlking’s main chamber it was her razor claws that extracted the heart, and as promised she gave it to Laughing Orchid to personally destroy, allowing Thanatos to win his own confrontation. However, as the castle and manse toppled around them, Seren’s call to Laughing Orchid was not answered and the circle fled the Wyld with him missing and Thanatos gravely wounded.


Charms: Seren Charms By Function

Excellency: First Adorjan Excellency

Hungry Ghost:
Blood-Scenting Hunger
Leaping Horror Approach
Lunging Phantom Method
Shrouded Claw Attack
Hungry Ghost Form
Power-Reaping Prana
Charm Smothering Technique
Unnatural Shambling Deftness
Scuttling Apparation Defense
Consuming Entropy Strike
Blood-Freezing Technique
Labyrinth Walking Prana
Soul-Flaying Strike
Soul-Consuming Transcendence\


Hardened Devil Body

Wind-Born Stride
Unimpeded Perfection of Exertion
Gravity-Rebuking Grace
Outrunning the Eye
Silent Ardor Steps
Swallowing Crimson Warnings
Faster Than Sight
Unbound Freedom Infiltration
Threat Monitoring Excitement
Joy in Violence Approach
Murder-Sped Steps (NEED)
Wind-Shearing Hearts
Self as Cyclone Stance
Racing Vitaris
Running to Forever
Wind Daughter’s Wrath (Need)
Behemoth Fetch Exercise (Need)
Thousandfold Typhoon Hand

Seren Witt

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