There are 15 Abilities in Exalted, representing the sum of a character’s learned skills, each ranked from 1-5.

Zero represents someone with negligible or no formal knowledge in a Ability, one represents a novice, and five represents the peak of human skill.

Favored Abilities cost 4XP per dot. Non-Favored abilities cost 5XP per dot. They may be increased at the end of a session if the character has used the ability in question that session.

Physical Skills (Athletics, Marksmanship, Melee, Subterfuge, Survival)

Social Skills (Debate, Deception, Expression, Empathy, Command)

Mental Skills (Awareness, Artifice, Lore, Medicine, Occult)


Origins and play can grant a character specialties. Specialties are focused, narrow applications of Abilities. For example, a character could have a Survival (Deserts) specialty, or a Melee (Swords) specialty. A specialty adds one dice to the associated pool, when it applies, and may stack specialites to three times per ability.

In play, a specialty dot can be bought for 2 XP at the end of a session if they make sense for a character to have learned.


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