Attributes and Abilities

Attributes and Abilities:

Characters in the world of Exalted are represented by a combination of Attributes and Abilities. Attributes represent innate physical and mental characteristics, such as physical strength or visual acuity—they are not “learned” traits, though they may be increased through practice and experience. Abilities represent focused, practiced skills, on the other hand, such as how to sail a ship, or memorization of ancient history.

Each roll a character makes uses a combination of one Attribute, and one Ability.

Abilities and Attributes are a Grab-Bag: Yes Rather than No:

When calling for a roll, accept any combination of abilities and attributes that seems plausible for the situation. As a storyteller, it’s better to modify the difficulty instead of outright forbidding that an Attribute or Ability be used in a situation. As a player, never be afraid to come up with clever or outlandish situations.



Attributes and Abilities

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