Combat Movement

Movement in combat is divided into range bands, narrative measurements of space, rather than absolute distances. Characters may move one zone on their turn as a move action without requiring a roll. Distance from a character imposes a number of effects.

The Bands:

  • Same Band/Melee Range: Characters within melee range are near enough to touch each other without meaningful movement. Two-handed ranged weapons take a -2 penalty on attack and defense rolls, while one-handed ranged weapons take a -1 penalty. Awareness rolls gain a +1 bonus. Moving out of Melee range of hostile characters requires a Disengage Roll.
  • One Band/Short Range: Characters within one zone are separated by enough distance that meaningful movement is required to reach them. This would be across a small street from a target, or on the other side of a large room.
  • Two Bands/Medium Range: At medium range, shouting is required for clear communication. This approximately the distance across a massive hall, or a large street. One-handed ranged weapons take a -1 external penalty. Awareness rolls suffer a -1 penalty.
  • Three Bands/Long Range: Long range represents the distance of a large field. Verbal communication is next to impossible.  Two-Handed ranged weapons take a -1 external penalty, while one-handed ranged weapons suffer a -2 penalty. Awareness rolls suffer a -2 penalty.
  • Four Bands /Extreme Range: A very long distance, at which people are tiny specs. Ranged weapons and awareness rolls take additional -1 penalties per band.

Movement Actions:

  • Move: Every character may move a single range band as a Free action on their turn without a roll. If a character attempts to move out of melee range of hostile combatants, they provoke a response, and must succeed on a (Dexterity) roll against each opponent to move.
  • Sprint: As a Full Action, a user may sprint, running all-out. The character rolls (Dexterity + Athletics), moving a range band for each success. If they run in melee range of hostile characters, they provoke a response to stop their movement.

Combat Movement

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