Countermagic and Warping

What Necromancy and Sorcery can make, Necromancy and Sorcery can tear apart. Anyone with a Necromantic or Sorcerous initiation can attempt to interrupt the casting of a spell in progress with a Countermagic action. In addition, the effects of spells or workings can be modified or broken with a Warping.


While a Spell is being shaped, it exists as a jumble of essence-patterns, bound together by it’s casters will. It is most vulnerable at this point—even mundane interruptions can cause it to be lost.

However, another spellcaster can tear apart the Essence of a spell being cast with a Countermagic action. Countermagic is a Full Action that can be performed against any spell within Long Range.

To perform Countermagic, a spellcaster pays 10m for a First Circle spell, 15m for a Second, and 20m to counter a Third, along with 1, 2, or 3 WP. Then then roll (Wits, Resolve or Intelligence + Occult) + Essence Successes. Their target must roll the same pool and beat their roll, or they lose the spell.

A spellcaster can attempt to counter spells of a circle they do know, but it adds a stacking +2 to the opponent’s roll. (1st to 2nd would be +2, and 1st to 3rd would be +4).

When a spell is countered, it does not vanish quietly. Spells raw elemental power held together by their caster’s will. When they are broken by another’s essence, they collapse, inflicting a condition on their caster, or causing (Circle*2) unsoakable lethal damage.


Spells that have already anchored themselves to the world are much harder to break. Once a spell has been woven and cast, it is part of Creation, drawing strength from the essence of the world. To lift a spell, it generally requires the intervention of it’s caster, or powerful charms.

However, a spellcaster can warp another spellcaster’s magic. This is treated as counter-magic, but instead of breaking the magic, they change it somehow—inverting it’s effects, adding a catch or requirement, or somehow changing how the spell functions in a way they desire.

(Note: Warping and Failing Forward. Warping is a rule because it is more narratively interesting for out-of-combat situations than “basic” countermagic. It is meant to be a springboard for player creativity, and move the plot forward in interesting directions. In the end, the effects of a warping come down to a player-GM dialogue.)

Countermagic and Warping

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