Crafting Rules

Crafting objects falls under Artifice, which represents general knowledge of items both mundane and arcane. Mortals have always had a way of inventing means to surpass their limits, and with the fuel of Exaltation within them, they can rival the Titans themselves.


Crafting is an Extended Roll with a Cumulative Difficulty and a Threshold for Success (By Default, 1) To successfully complete a project, a crafter must accrue enough successes to meet the project’s Cumulative Difficulty (As set by the GM). The Cumulative Difficulty is determined by the scale of the project, while the Threshold of Success is determined by the complexity of the work.

Each roll adds successes to the Cumulative Difficulty equal to the total successes minus the Threshold (Minimum Zero).

Craft rolls cannot fail, unless there is some manner of time limit at stake. However, if a botch is accrued during the duration of a craft project, it adds a complication to the project—a hidden flaw in the work, usually.

Crafting Rules

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