Horses, a Warship, a group of Hired Thugs, or paid Spies—everything has a price. Equipment refers to anything that can be bought or bartered for that might assist an Exalted in their trials. It can be purchased outright, with the resources or backing merit, or can be stolen, traded for, crafted, or looted from the corpses of enemies.

Equipment has a cost in terms of 1-5, which may be modified due to scarcity. When trading equipment directly, an opposed Bureaucracy roll can be used to shift the price up or down.

The defining quality of equipment is that it is somehow useful—it either offers a plot-related bonus, such as a ship allowing you to cross a river, or a dice-related bonus, like a personal library adding bonus dice to a Lore roll.

If the item does not offer a tangible benefit, there is no point statting it out.

Equipment bonuses rarely stack. Equipment can be permanent, or temporary, and can be damaged, stolen, or otherwise made useless.

However, unless it fills the role of a background, it does not cost XP.


Cost 0:

  • Hashish: The most common drug in Creation, Hashish can grow nearly anywhere. When smoked, it produces a mild, long-lasting high. (Damage: 1B/Interval: One Scene/Intervals: 1/Toxicity: 1, Penalty -1, Special: Gives minor principle of "Relaxation and Inaction.")

Cost 1:

  • Arsenic (One Dose): A poisonous metal, found in impure wells, or secret mines, arsenic is the "king of poison," odorless, colorless, and nearly tasteless in food. It can also affect via long-term skin contact, however, such as through makeup. Often, it's symptoms aren't discovered until it's too late, or are mistake for tainted food. (Damage: 3L/Interval: One Day/Intervals: 1/Toxicity: 2/Penalty: – )
  • Bronze Weapon or Medium (-2) Armor: Often only used by citizenry, nobles, and mercenaries, a bronze breastplate, sword, and aegis are the mark of elite soldiers.
  • Caltrops (x10): Spikes shaped of wood, or scrap metal, they can be thrown or scattered on the ground to make walking treacherous. Throw within Short Range to cover a zone. Moving through that zone requires an (Attribute + Athletics) roll at Difficulty 1, or the target cannot move, and takes 1 point of unsoakable damage.
  • Medicine (Single Use): Village wise women, sages, and alchemists mix elixirs and polices out of toxic herbs. Medicine gives +1 dice on a single stamina roll against a specific illness.
  • Lockpicking Set: Thieves rarely carry lockpick sets. First, only the very wealthiest can afford proper locks. Second, being caught with a set on one's person is as good as admitting guilt. Still, for master criminals, they have their uses. A lockpicking set adds +1 dice on attempts to open complex locks.
  • Opium (Single Use): An expensive and powerful drug, Opium dulls the senses, and inflicts a languid, dream-like state upon the user. (Damage: 2B/Interval: Scene/Intervals: 3/Toxicity 2/Penalty -2/Special: Overrides any non-magical wound penalties the target has.)
  • Passage, Ship or Caravan (One Journey): For those who unwilling or unable to work for passage, silver, salt, or jade will secure passage with a merchant for the length of a journey, and the security that entails.
  • Scribe (Recurring/Session): A trained scribe to write legal documents, or simply assist the illiterate.
  • Slave or Beast of Burden (Rent/Session): An unskilled manual laborer, or pack animal rented out by an overseer.
  • Smuggle Contraband (Single-Use): Gain access to illegal goods. Illegal goods may carry their own cost, however.
  • Smoke Grenade (x5): Small paper-mache tubes filled with Firedust and arcane chemicals from the south, they emit a thick black smoke when lit and thrown. Medium Range, Target two zones, cause a perception penalty of -1 to all within for two actions.
  • Survival Gear (One Journey): A travelers' pack filled with useful supplies, it gives +1 dice to survival rolls for a single journey.

Cost 2:

  • Firedust Grenade (x5): Expertly shaped porcelain filled with Firedust, these alchemical concoctions are feared on the battlefield. When thrown, they explode in blossoms of fire.
  • Scorpion or Serpent Venom (One Dose): Used by the most feared assassins, and hunters from wilderness tribes, the extraction of the venom of a deadly creature is no easy task. Nevertheless, it will fetch a high price in any city. (Damage: 4L, Interval: One Action, Intervals: 2, Toxicity: 2, Penalty: – )
  • Telescope: Rare and treasured possessions, cutting the lenses of a telescope requires glass and metalwork worthy of the finest craftsmen. A telescope negates one point of ranged penalties for Perception rolls.



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