Even Blade Style

A style of combat dating back to the Shogunate, Even Blade is a martial art designed to take full advantage of a Daiklaive or Sword. It focuses on swift, brutal attacks before returning to a defensive position. Often considered a “common” style, as it only relies on skill in battle to function, it nevertheless represents a special mastery of the blade.

Weapons and Armor:

An Even Blade Stylist may only use Swords or Daiklaives, and may not dual-wield or use a shield.

An Even Blade Stylist may only use armor with a mobility penalty of no greater than -1.


Death Between Heartbeats

No matter the speed of his opponents, the Blade strikes faster.

This charm allows the Martial Artist to act first when tied for initiative.

Cost: 1m; Type: Response
Duration: Instant
Mins: Essence 1, Melee 2
Breath and Essence Control

When violence erupts, an Even Blade Stylist is a master of the draw.

This charm adds (Melee/2) successes to their Join Battle roll, as long as they ready a form weapon.

Cost: 1m; Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Mins: Melee 2, Essence 1
Prerequisites: Death Between Heartbeats
Close Your Eyes and Look

A sharp intake of breath, and a sudden strike, sword returning to scabbard before the next heartbeat.

Add the difference between the Martial Artist’s and the target’s Join Battle roll to the damage of a single attack.

Cost: 1m; Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Mins: Essence 2, Melee 3
Prerequisites: Breath and Essence Control
Even Blade Form

Those who practice Even Blade Style guide each strike with grace rather than brute strength alone, flowing from one strike to the next.

Add (Dexterity)/2 to the Martial Artist’s damage. In addition, add +1 to their Riposte.

Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Full Action
Duration: One Scene
Mins: Melee 4, Essence 3
Prerequisites: Close Your Eyes and Look
Garda Force Strike

A single cut for weapon and wielder, the Stylist‘s blade seems to ring like a bell as they draw and strike.

This charm supplements a disarm gambit. Should the attempt succeed, carry the attack through to the target. In addition, if a non-artifact weapon would be disarmed, it is instead destroyed.

Cost: 1m; Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Mins: Melee 5, Essence 3
Prerequisites: Even Blade Form
Flashing Zephyr Speed

The best defense is a strong offense. Waiting for the moment of his opponent’s strike, the Even Blade Stylist draws and strikes in the same heartbeat.

This charm supplements a riposte, adding (Dexterity/2) successes. If successful, they may also most a range band past the opponent.

Cost: 2m; Type: Response
Duration: Instant
Mins: Essence 4, Melee 5
Prerequisites: Garda Force Strike

Even Blade Style

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