Mental Skills (Awareness, Artifice, Lore, Medicine, Occult)


Awareness is the art of noticing, remembering, and linking small details. It is the practice of the detective and the spy. It’s used to profile targets, reconstruct a crime scene, find hidden objects or people, and pierce disguises.

Who Has it: Spies, Detectives, and Watchmen.


Artifice is the skills of creating things. Blacksmithing, basket-weaving, painting, architecture, and alchemy all fall within the purview of craft. It is the skill for the creators and inventors of the world. It also covers cleverly undoing the creations of others—after all, any fool can smash a lock, but only one familiar with it’s workings can unmake it.

Who Has It: Smiths, Alchemists, Clockmakers, Locksmiths, and Sailors.


Lore is a character’s knowledge of history, geography, and politics. It can be used to research details about ancient customs and cultures, ruins and landscapes, and other useful facts. The saying goes, the forewarned mind is forearmed, and that certainly holds true in the world of Exalted.

Who Has It: Sages, Monks, Skalds, and Scholars.


Medicine is the skill for diagnosing ailments, treating illness, first aid, and surgery. Most villages have a wise woman or sage, specializing in folk medicine, a combination of ritual, superstition, and herbal remedies. Larger cities sometimes have formal academies, where medicine is taught alongside history, the occult, and philosophy. Some become famous, such as Great Fork's House of healing. From mercenary companies to palaces, medicine is always a valued skill.

Who Has It: Monks, Churigeons, and Scholars.


Occult is the ability to manipulate the world of the supernatural. In the world of Exalted, Spirits dwell close to men—they are as much part of a character’s life as the local Daimyo. Knowledge of their courts, and rituals to attract or hide from their attention is thus, invaluable. Occult can be used to cast spells, perform rituals, and reshape reality.

Who Has It: Shamans, Monks, and Sorcerers.

Mental Skills (Awareness, Artifice, Lore, Medicine, Occult)

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