Physical v2


Athletics represents a character’s training in lifting, jumping, climbing, tumbling, dodging attacks, and running. If a roll depends on a character’s trained grace or muscles, it likely involves Athletics.

Who Has It: Strongmen, Acrobats, Assassins, Thieves, Barbarians, and Soldiers.

Sample Rolls:

  • (Dexterity + Athletics) to chase down a fleeing cut-purse.
  • (Strength + Athletics) to hold open a fortress gate.
  • (Dexterity + Athletics) to quickly climb a building.


Marksmanship governs a character’s ability to handle a weapon at range. Bows, Slings, and Javelins see common use among hunters and warriors alike, while more exotic weapons such as crossbows and flame-pieces also exist. If a warrior wishes to fight from a distance, then Marksmanship is a useful thing to have.

Who Has It Irregulars, Tribal Warriors, Bandits, Hunters, and Assassins.

Sample Rolls:

(Dexterity or Perception + Marksmanship) to hit a target with a ranged weapon.


From the first moment mankind picked up a sharp rock, melee combat has existed. Whether a disciplined Realm Legionary, a Barehanded Brawler or a Barbarian Warrior, melee represents a character’s skill at hitting people up close. In addition to combat, Melee could see use in intimidating thugs, or sizing up an enemy.

Who Has It: Realm Legionaries, Bandits, Street Toughs, Tribal Warriors, Bodyguards, and Mercenaries.

Sample Uses:

  • (Strength or Dexterity + Melee) Attack an enemy with a waraxe.
  • (Strength + Melee) Batter down a door with a hammer.
  • (Charisma, Dexterity or Strength + Melee) Intimidate an enemy into surrender with a display of combat prowess.
  • (Perception + Melee) Determine that the Royal Bodyguards are poor combatants with a glance.


Subterfuge is the art of the thief, spy, or assassin. It covers the ability to hide, cover one’s tracks, or pick a pocket. Often won by hard experience, any dashing rogue should be consider ranks in subterfuge.

Who Has It: Thieves, Cultists, Assassins, and Spies

Sample Rolls:

(Dexterity + Subterfuge) to pick a pocket.

(Wits, Manipulation, or Dexterity + Subterfuge) to sneak past guards.


Survival is the skill of living in the wilderness. It covers tracking game or men, finding a safe path, not getting lost, and identifying strange animals. It can also be used to calm or domesticate wild animals, and to handle a mount in combat.

Who Has it: Barbarians, Trackers, Merchants, and Couriers.

Sample Rolls

  • (Wits + Survival) to find your way through the wilderness.
  • (Stamina + Survival) to endure a Shadowland’s pull.
  • (Wits or Charisma + Survival) to domesticate a wild tiger.

Physical v2

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