Sample Rolls and Rules of Thumb

Exalted covers a wide range of stories and challenges. Thus, it’s impossible to list the difficulty of every specific example that might come up during play. Instead of having a series of exhaustive difficulty tables, we provide a list of sample rolls, and two rules to assist in creating challenges.

The 50% rule:

On any given dice roll, a character will get, on average, half as many successes as dice rolled. This means even odds of success or failure unless a WP point, charm, or stunt tips the odds.

The 1-5 Rule:

Most static difficulties heroes will face fall between 1-10 requires successes.

  • One Success: represents a very basic challenge—climbing a very easy cliff with handholds, translating a regional dialect of a common language, unlocking a barred door. Even someone with little or no training in the task has a chance of success.
  • Two Successes: represents a challenging task for a trained novice. This could represent unlocking a simple lock, translating an unknown language with references, or climbing a difficult cliff. For most of creation, this is one of the more difficult challenges they will encounter.
  • Three Successes: represents a challenging task for an journeyman, someone with years of practice training in a subject. Unlocking a complex lock, navigating the rigging of a ship during a squall, or saving a patient dying of pneumonia.
  • Four Successes: is an expert challenge. It is a difficult task for a specialist in the field—someone with decades of experience in a subject, a notable in their field.
  • Five Successes: represents a heroic challenge. It is a difficult task for a true prodigy—one of the masters of a field.
  • Six Successes+ Above five, the challenges grow even more unlikely, often involving magic to create or solve. These sort of challenges are uncommon, but worthy of the attention of the greatest heroes of an age.


In addition to native difficulty, rolls also can acquire penalties—unfavorable circumstances that subtract successes from the roll. Mundane complications, such as darkness, injury or lacking proper tools range from a -1-3 to the final value of the roll, while magical penalties can inflict worse penalties.

Sample Rolls and Rules of Thumb

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