Solar Anima Effects

Dawn Caste:

Solars of the Dawn Caste represent humanity’s greatest warriors, unparalleled masters of the battlefield.

  • +1 success to Accuracy, Damage, and Defense when Anima is at Bonfire or higher.
  • Passively reduce the attunement cost of all Weapons and Armor by 1m.

Zenith Caste

Zeniths represent the most inspiring leaders of humanity, walking beacons of hope and inspiration.

  • +1 success on all Social Attempts when Anima is Bonfire or higher.
  • All allies within vision gain a bonus temporary WP point that fades at the end of the scene when anima is at Bonfire or higher.

Twilight Caste:

Twilights represent the unfettered genius of humanity, sages, scholars, and masters of the Occult.

  • +1 success on rolls that involve crafting, knowledge, or occult when anima is at bonfire or higher.
  • (Essence) reduction to the cost of Sorcery and Necromancy when anima is at bonfire or higher.

Night Caste:

Night Castes represent the most shadowed and secretive thieves, assassins, and scoundrels within humanity’s ranks.

  • +1 success on rolls involving subterfuge or deception at all times.
  • The brightness of the Solar’s anima banner is dampened and diffused through an area, making each Anima level count as though it were one lower for the purposes of Stealth.


Eclipses represent eclectic masters of humanity. They are often talented generalists, diplomats, and wandering vagabonds.

  • An Eclipse may learn charms from other supernatural beings as long as they have a teacher at normal cost.
  • An Eclipse gains the ability to reroll a single dice roll each scene in which their Anima flares to bonfire.

Solar Anima Effects

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