Creation is a dangerous place, especially for the Exalted. Bandits, Ghosts, Demons, and Fae ravage the land, and it is wise to carry the tools to defend yourself. The best defense, of course, is a solid weapon.

Weapons come in two types: Melee, and Ranged, and occupy either one, or two primary limbs. A character can use no more weapons in battle than they have primary limbs, and each primary limb may attack once in an action, barring the use of charms. This means two-handed weapons generally may attack once, while you may attack twice while dual-wielding.

Weapons modify four traits: Accuracy (Acc), Damage (Dmg), Defense (Def) and Range (Rng). In addition, they either do Bashing (B) or Lethal (L) damage.

Two-Handed Weapons and Strength:

Two-Handed Weapons use 1.5x user’s strength for the purpose of calculating damage.


Weapons have tags to indicate special qualities:

  • 2h: Weapon requires two hands to wield, adds 1.5x strength.
  • Con: Weapon receives +1 success to being concealed.
  • Clinch: Weapon may be used to perform a clinch.
  • G: Weapon may be used in a grapple at no penalty.
  • Z(1): Weapon hits all enemies within a range band. Z(2) and Z(3) also exist.

Melee Weapons:

Ranged Weapons:


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