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  • Blood Lash

    Cost: 1m, 1LHL, 1 WP; Type: Shape Sorcery
    Duration: One scene
    Most necromancer’s consider the Blood Lash a weapon of last resort, for it requires their fresh blood to cast.

    Blood from the necromancer …

  • Blood Mirror Writings

    Cost: 1m, 1wp, 1lhl; Type: Shape Sorcery
    Duration: Instant
    The Underworld itself is a dark reflection of Creation, and because of this, mirrors resonate - however faintly - with the Underworld. Strengthening this symbolic link with a …

  • Call to the Grave

    Cost: 3m 1wp Type: Full Action
    Target: Short Range of Target
    Duration: One Scene
    Once one foot is in the grave, the pull of Oblivion is difficult to escape.

    The necromancer curses combatants within an area of two …


    Cost: 3m, 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
    Keywords: Obvious
    Duration: One Scene
    The eldest among the dead are boundlessly spiteful creatures; unable to better themselves, they want nothing more than to drag others down to their level. …

  • Parasitic Escape

    Cost: 8m, 1wp Type: Miscellaneous (Speed 5, -1 DV) Target: Caster Keywords: Shaping, Obvious, Compulsion Duration: 1 Hour Designed by a Necromancer attempting to improve upon Flight of Separation, Parasitic Escape makes Flight of Seperation’s …

  • Shadow Coil Substitution

    Cost: 1m, 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
    Target: One Animate Target
    Duration: Instant
    Byways exist in the shadows of Creation, dark paths where space warps and collapses. The necromancer places a hand against the ground, and their shadow …

  • Flesh Sloughing Wave

    Cost: 3m 1wp; Type: Full Action
    Keywords: Threshing(2), Obvious
    Duration: Instant
    This spell was originally devised as an efficient way to strip flesh from bone for the Underworld's craftsmen, but its lethal potential in …

  • Grove of Ivory

    Cost: 2m 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
    Target: Area no further than short range.
    Keywords: Obvious
    Duration: Instant
    A lesser, more focused version of Ivory Razor Forest, this spell is often used for temporary imprisonment of …

  • Midnight Shadow Sun

    Cost: 3m, 1wp Type: Dramatic Action
    Target: One Shadowland
    Duration: (Essence) Weeks
    The Necromancer paces along the border of a Shadowland, marking the ashen earth with a thin line of blood. When she has completely encircled the …

  • Poisoning the Well

    Cost: 2m, 1wp, 1lhl; Type: Shape Sorcery
    Target: All Edibles or Drinkables in an area
    Keywords: Shaping
    Duration: Instant
    The Necromancer speaks the Twelve Words of Plague as they drain droplets of their own blood into a …

  • Ringing Rebuke

    Cost: 2m 1wp; Type: Full Action
    Target: Out to Long Range
    Duration: One Scene
    Reaching into thin air and producing a pair of iron rings, the necromancer brings them together with a sound like distant thunder, and they continue …

  • Rot From the Roots

    Cost: 1m 1wp; Type: Dramatic Action
    "Target: Person
    Keywords: Arcane Link
    Duration: Until Broken
    Commonly used for discrete assassination, this spell calls down a curse on a rival, ensuring that the most minor chance of …

  • Rust and Ruin

    Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
    Target: Objects Within Long Range
    Duration: Instant
    The Necromancer draws out a rusted iron bell, and rings a single, utterly silent note. Rust-red tendrils surge out from the bell in a frantic …

  • Shattering Void Mirror

    Cost: 2m 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
    Target: One Person
    Keywords: Obvious
    Duration: Instant/One Scene
    Making the Mudra of the Falling Center with an outstretched hand, the necromancer gestures at a target, deep violet essence …

  • The Wailing Darkness

    Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
    Target: Medium Range
    Duration: One Hour
    The Necromancer speaks the prophecy of the Endless Night, the final days after the Unconquered Sun finally plunges into Oblivion. As they finish, they throw a …

  • Through Dead Eyes

    Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Dramatic Action
    Target: A Skull
    Duration: One Scene
    Every image a being sees is recorded, it is said, in blood and bone. The Necromancer hollows out a head, be it that of an animal or human, and lights a sacred …

  • Visions of Graves Yet Undug

    Cost: 1m 1wp; Type: Dramatic Action
    Target: Person
    Keywords: Arcane Link
    Duration: One Night
    To cast this spell, the necromancy requires an effigy of the target, constructed using a lock of their hair, and a crude doll. The …

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