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  • Strange Aeons Die

    Cost: 5m 3wp, 3 Limit, 3 ahl; Type: Shape Spell
    Target: Self
    Duration: Instant
    There is nothing the Neverborn understand better than failure or defeat. Consumed by pain and bitterness, they are willing to slide the world into the …

  • Nemissary's Ride

    Cost: 4m, 2 WP, 1AHL Type: Dramatic Action
    Target: One Target
    Keywords: Shaping, Arcane Link
    Duration: Until Broken
    One of the greatest powers of the Onyx Circle, this spell may only be activated at night, and requires an …

  • Twelve-Shadow Dance

    Cost: 4m, 2wp; Type: Full Action
    Duration: One Hour
    Target: (Essence Allies or Magnitude of Extras)
    In shadows, the essence of Creation and the Underworld mingle, the realm of the spectral and that of the material entwining. This …

  • Ivory Razor Forest

    Cost: 4m, 2wp; Type: Shape Spell
    Duration: One Scene/Dismissed
    Keywords: Obvious
    The Necromancer's bones glow through their skin with gravelight as they plunge a hand into the earth. The ground quakes, then hundreds of massive …

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