Advancement and XP

One of the greatest reasons Exalted are feared is not their inherent power, but their capacity for growth. Despite their increased power, they are still human—and humanity as a species is determined and inventive. Through constant trials, the Exalted improve themselves.

The experience learned by overcoming challenges and testing abilities is represented by experience points (XP). These points are used to purchase increases in Abilities, Attributes, Willpower, Charms, and Specialties, as well as determining the character’s Essence. Many long-lived beings eventually reach a plateau in their power as meaningful challenges become less common.

XP Rewards:

XP is rewarded at the end of a session. The “standard” session rate is 2XP per session, However, this rate can be changed by the storyteller for faster or slower advancement.

XP Costs and Advancement:

Traits may be improved by XP over the course of play. All traits are marked with a cost, and an interval for increase. If character receive downtime, they may also be granted “passive” XP.

  • Attribute: 6 XP Per dot/End of Arc
  • Favored Ability: 4 XP per dot/End of Session.
  • Non-Favored Ability: 5 XP Per dot/End of Session
  • Specialty: 2 XP per dot/End of Session.
  • Favored Charm/Spell: 4XP per Dot/End of Session.
  • Non-Favored Charm/Spell: 5XP per Dot/End of Session

At the end of an arc, if a character has enough XP, they go up a dot of Essence. This does not actually cost XP—it’s given automatically. This carries many benefits, such as access to more powerful charms and a larger mote-pool.

Advancement and XP

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