Cost: 3m; Type: Full Action
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Obvious, Touch
Mins: Essence 3
Prerequisite Charms: Autonomous Pattern Fabrication
All patterns are at least partially redundant with one-another. Collapsing unwanted sections in favour of new ones is simple. Nothing is unique.

This Charm allows the Exalt to shape any non-Artifact object (or part of an object) that she is touching into an entirely different substance by rolling (Intelligence + Craft) at a difficulty based on the volume, and the difference between substances.

Failure results in partial or imperfect change, botches transform it into another substance entirely, chosen by the Storyteller.

Transformed objects retain their former shape, but react normally to their new materials; a liquid pillar would simply collapse.

This Charm cannot create or transform magical materials, or similar substances like Chiaroscuro glass or toadstone.

By default, the Warlock can transform a person sized object. For an additional 1m, and +1 to the difficulty, they may increase size transmuted by a one zone, up to (Essence) increases.

The difficulty of the roll is based on the difference between the elements transmuted. (Picture a wheel.) Each increment adds +1 to the difficulty. Same Elemental Nature: +1 Water Air Fire Earth Wood


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