Assassin's Fatal Touch

Cost: 1m, 1wp; Type: Dramatic Action
Target: One Person
Keywords: Arcane Link
Duration: One Day
The sorcerer renders her touch deadly to one selected victim in a ritual involving multiple deadly herbs.

The sorcerer thereafter must touch her victim—a light touch is required (i.e. the target must be consenting, inactive, or unaware).

The sorcerer immediately chooses a length of time or conditional event before her touch of death activates. The poison in question has no obvious effects on the victim, but may be analyzed by reading the victim’s chakras, and noticing the tainting of essence. The casting of this spell requires an arcane link to the victim.

Poison: Damage (Successes)A – Interval (Scene) – Intervals (Essence) – Toxicity: (Essence) – Penalty (-2)

Assassin's Fatal Touch

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