Exalted uses nine different attributes, (Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Charisma, Manipulation, Resolve, Wits, Intelligence, Perceptions) divided into three different categories (Physical, Social, and Mental.)

Attributes are ranked on a scale of 1-10, however, the human body only functions within the 1-5 range, with one representing a very low rate, and five representing peak human capability.

Attributes cost 6xp per dot, after character creation, and can be purchased at the end of an arc in which they have been used.



Strength represents raw physical power. It is used for lifting, throwing, and weapon damage, and could also conceivably be used for Intimidation. For melee weapons, it can also be used for accuracy, representing battering down an opponent’s guard with raw force.


Dexterity represents physical speed, both in terms of running, and swiftness of hand, along with acuity, and nimbleness. It is used for weapon accuracy, running, pick-pocketing, and stealth, and dodging and parrying blows.


Stamina represents physical vitality, endurance, and ability to withstand hardship. It is used to resist extreme conditions, undertake prolonged labor, and increases your character’s health.



Charisma represent force of personality, sincere charm, and honest persuasion. Charisma is used to rally crowds, instill your beliefs upon others, and convince others to take risks. It also represents your ability to uphold your own values.


Manipulation is the art of telling people what they want to hear. It’s used to hide your motivations, play on people’s preexisting beliefs, disguise yourself, and lie.


Resolve is a measure of a character’s composure, and strength of will. It represents a character’s ability to resist hostile mental influence, magical and otherwise, and determines your Willpower, the measure of your character’s mental stress.



Wits represents quickness of thought, social perceptiveness, and intuition. It covers gut-feelings, hunches, self-awareness, and danger-sense.


Intelligence is your problem-solving ability, knowledge, and planning capability. It’s used to solve problems, remember obscure information, and manipulate the forces of the occult.


Perception represents your sensory acuity. Sharp eyes, keen ears, and a good sense of smell are covered by perception, as well as your ability to notice small details that may evade others. It can also be used to aim ranged weapons.


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