Black Claw Style

Rumored to have been created by Mara, the Shadow Lover, this style spreads her fundamental truths to the world. It uses feigned vulnerability from the martial artist to instill sympathy in its victims, before brutally tearing them apart from within.

Form Weapons and Armor:

Unarmed, and Weapons disarmed with Table-Turning Reversal.

Unarmored, or concealed armor. (Such as Silksteel Robes.)

Open Palm Caress

From the beginning, things start to go wrong. Righteous heroes find themselves cast as a vicious bullies when they fight a student of the Black Claw—even if the martial artist picked the fight himself. This charm adds (Socialize)/2 successes to a Join Battle roll.

Additionally, compare the martial artist’s Join Battle roll to the (Awareness + Perception)/2 of all who witness the fight. Anyone it surpasses believes that the Black Claw stylist is acting in self-defense.

Cost: 2m; Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Keyword: Mute
Mins: Essence 1, Socialize 2
Torn Lotus Defense

Every Black Claw student must submit to his sifu. As one whose heart has already been conquered, he knows that any greater defeat is impossible. The martial artist draws on the memory of his love and channels it into his stance, projecting unmistakable and fragile resolution: a sight to move the hearts of gods and demons alike.

This charm augments a Riposte, allowing it to be made with (Manipulation + Martial Arts). Should it it hit, it deals no damage, but is treated as an Instill attempt to create an intimacy of Respect and Admiration in the opponent. If the opponent already possesses such an intimacy, the Martial Artist instead gains (Overflow) points of overdrive motes, stealing them from the opponent’s pool.

Cost: 1m; Type: Reaction
Duration: Instant
Keyword: Mute, Overdrive
Mins: Essence 1, Socialize 3
Flexing the Emerald Claw

Even for the unjustly wronged, there comes a time to strike back. The Black Claw stylist does so with deceptive strength.

Their hand wreathed in a nimbus of choking green vapor, they make an martial arts attack against the target. Should the attack strike, the target is afflicted with a deadly poison that displays no outward symptoms.

Poison: Dmg: (Essence)/Interval: (Action)/Intervals: (Intimacy)/Toxicity: (intimacy toward martial artist+1)/Penalty: -1

For a surcharge of 2m, the Black Claw stylist may hide the wreath of green vapors, removing the Obvious tag.

Cost: 1m (+1m); Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Poison, Mute, Obvious
Mins: Essence 2, Socialize 3
Prerequisite: Open Palm Caress, Torn Lotus Defense
Black Claw Form

The martial artist assumes a defensive posture, equally declarative of his unwillingness to fight and his readiness to defend himself regardless.

The martial artist adds (Socialize)/2 to responses, and all disengage actions.

Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Simple
Duration: One Scene
Mins: Essence 2, Socialize 4
Prerequisites: Flexing the Emerald Claw
Storm-Calming Embrace

Despite being cruelly assaulted, the martial artist clasps his opponent to him. Swallowing his rancor, he does nothing to escalate the fight—such virtue!

The Martial Artist adds (Target’s Intimacy +1) successes toward clinching them. During a Clinch enhanced by this charm, the Martial Artist cannot attack their target. Incidentally, all poisons in the victim’s system increase their toxicity by (Essence/2).

Cost: 2m; Type: Supplemental
Duration: One Clinch
Mins: Essence 3, Socialize 4
Prerequisites: Black Claw Form
Table-Turning Reversal

Only a coward would use a weapon to strike down an unarmed man. All Creation rejoices to see a bully given a dose of his own medicine, and the martial artist is the one to do it.

This charm augments a counterattack disarm gambit in response to a melee-ranged attack against the Black Claw Stylist. Should the disarm succeed, not only is the attacker disarmed, but the Stylist equips, and may reflexively attune to the disarmed weapon, treating it as a Black Claw Form weapon until the end of the scene.

Anyone who witnesses the successful disarm attempt also compares the martial artist’s successes to their (Wits + Empathy)/2. Should it overcome it, it is treated as an attempt to build a positive tie toward the martial artist.

Cost: 2(O)m; Type: Reaction
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Counterattack
Mins: Essence 3, Socialize 5
Prerequisites: Black Claw Form
Doe Eyes Defense

The Black Claw practitioner is well aware that vulnerability is his greatest defense, and exploits it ruthlessly. The martial artist falls back hurriedly in response to an attack, his every movement accentuating his inferiority in the face of the oncoming assault.

The helplessness presented by this attack adds (target’s positive intimacy +1) to the martial artist’s physical DVs.

Cost: 1m; Type: Reaction
Duration: Instant
Mins: Essence 3, Socialize 5
Prerequisites: Black Claw Form
Outrage-Kindling Cry

These things are natural in Creation, but not Malfeas: To cheer for the underdog, to feel one’s heart go out to another in pain, and to abhor injustice. Thus pious critics of Black Claw style are revealed as hypocrites; this technique employs the weapons of Creation, not Hell.

This charm may be activated in response to an attack that successfully strikes a martial artist, taking the form of an Essence-Charmed Kiai that affects all within Medium Range.

Roll (Manipulation + Socialize), adding a number of successes equal to the damage dealt by the attack as an attempt to force bystanders to come to the martial artist’s aid.

Cost: 3(O)m; Type: Reaction
Duration: Instant
Mins: Essence 4, Socialize 5
Prerequisite Charms: Storm Calming Embrace, Doe Eyes Defense, Table-Turning Reversal
Heart-Ripping Claw

Eight wisdoms live at the heart of Black Claw style: Love is a lie; innocence is a lie; blame is a lie; lies are inescapable. Children betray their parents; gods betray their makers; students betray their teachers; betrayal is inescapable. Wise masters are ready to strike first, and strike better.

Enhancing a martial arts attack with this charm, the Black Claw stylist’s strike is wreathed in a corona of screaming black vapors. The enhanced attack deals aggravated damage against those with a positive tie toward the martial artist, adding twice the rating of their tie in damage and accuracy to the attack.

If an enemy is slain with this charm, their heart crumbles to ash in the Martial Artist’s grip, adding +1 success to the Martial Artist’s Socialize rolls until the end of the scene.

Cost: 2(O)m; Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Obvious
Mins: Essence 5, Socialize 5
Prerequisites: Outrage Kindling Cry

Black Claw Style

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