Blood Lash

Cost: 1m, 1LHL, 1 WP; Type: Shape Sorcery
Duration: One scene
Most necromancer’s consider the Blood Lash a weapon of last resort, for it requires their fresh blood to cast.

Blood from the necromancer’s wounds surges outward, forming a lash of blood. This whip of blood is a Melee weapon with the following statistics:

Lash: Acc: 1+(caster's wound penalty)/Dmg: (missing lethal health levels)/Def: 0/Rng: Short/Tags: Cl

It is automatically drawn, cannot be disarmed, and if destroyed, it immediately regenerates. 

When the lash deals damage to a living creature, it absorbs the life dripping and spurting from the wound. For every two lethal damage it inflicts, the sorcerer recovers 1lhl.

Blood Lash

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