Bone Puppet Dance

Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Shape Sorcery
Keywords: Shaping
Duration: Overflow Actions, or Permanent
Conjuring a bone flute and playing the Gallows Jig, the music that departing P'o souls follow as they swing from the noose, the necromancer bids a skeleton to rise and follow her tune.

Every note congeals into a thick rope of spectral essence that latches tenaciously onto a set of bones. These spectral ropes, which cannot be severed short of countermagic, are visible only to those that can see the immaterial, though the spell is still quite obvious.

The Necromancer rolls (Wits+Occult+Essence) against a target. For each overflow success, the Necromancer may use a miscellaneous action to grab the strings, and perform an action through the target, using the target's attributes, but the necromancer's abilities. If a target wishes to further resist this puppetry, they may spend a WP, and roll their (Strength+ Ability), each success removing a success from the Necromancer's action. Attempting to resist puppetry inflicts a level of lethal damage on the target.

If cast on an inanimate skeleton, the threads of essence slither into its mouth and eyesockets, weaving through the bones, replacing muscles and creating a skinless zombie under the necromancer's control. Zombies created by this spell are never extras, and instead have the statistics of their former soul. The bone flute remains when the spell is complete, and can be used as the necromancer likes.

Bone Puppet Dance

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