Crimson's Bane

Type: Rank 2 Artifact
Materials: magnitude 1 of human corpses, or double non-human, explosive reagent.
Creation Time: One Week
The practice of using fire-and-forget necrotech constructs as bombs is a time honored tradition among necrosurgeons, but such devices necessarily face limitations in their construction and design. Because the explosive potential of necrotic energy—naturally inclined as it is towards rot and decay—is relatively weak, necrotech designed for this purpose tends to be bulkier than its artifact equivalents. This hinders delivery of such charges at meaningful speed, or with necessary subterfuge, and is typically solved by raising the quality of materials used. However, most necrosurgeons are loathe to waste the coals of a black garda or ashes of a firedust phantom on disposable constructs, unless they possess the backing of a Deathlord. The alternative proposed by theoreticians is to use captured life essence to fuel the explosion, as it is known to react violently with the essence of the void. No practical examples of these weapons exist however, as they exhibit a tendency to detonate during all but the smoothest transport.

In preparation for a battle with the Deathknight Lady Crimson Rain, the Chirurgeon Shod in Obscurity discovered a solution to this power-mass dilemma. By incorporating geomantic principles into his designs in keeping with the teachings of the Whispering Flame, the Chirurgeon invented necrotech that could leech void essence from its surroundings. The first such device he coined “Crimson's Bane,” as its invention marked the coming demise of the Lady Crimson's shambling horde. An intricate and interwoven sequence of carved bone rings form its “body”, each supporting a membrane of translucent hide, upon which are inscribe geomagnetic diagrams and prayers to She Who Lives in Her Name. This palm-sized creation can rearrange its rings into several geometric configurations: A planar circle, for compact storage. A lotus, to float gently on currents of air. A cylinder, to slide smoothly down a cadaver's throat, or a perfect sphere, to align its inscriptions and prayers and begin absorbing necrotic energy. Once full, it will await the command to bloom and unleash its accumulated essence upon everything in its immediate vicinity.

This device creates an one-time environmental hazard with the following traits:

Dmg: 10L/Trauma: 1/Range: (Melee-Long Range)/Threshing (1-5)*

The Range and Threshing are equal to the magnitude of the largest undead unit the device shares a range band with.

Crimson's Bane

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