Crystal Facet Thoughts

Cost: 1m, 1wp; Type: Full Action
Keywords: Stackable
Duration: Indefinite
Mins: Essence 3
Prerequisite Charms: Cerebral Probe Inquisition
She Who Lives in Her Name is not a single construct. She exists as a series of connected minds, a mind fractured into a perfected web of intellect. A Defiler can learn this trick, storing part of her intellect into a semi-autonomous sphere of crystal and essence.

The Defiler consumes an Intimacy channel, reaching into her mind and shaping one of her desires into physical form, called a Shard-Mind. This construct takes the form of a floating orb of clear crystal, within which fragments of memories and thoughts play out. Creating a shard-mind removes the channeled intimacy until the shard-mind rejoins the host.

A shard mind has (intimacy+essence) for all dice pools. A shard-mind can perceive the world around it, but cannot act upon it unless the Infernal has Mind-Hand Manipulation or a similar charm active. Any active charms the infernal uses are also active upon the shard-mind. If a shard-mind wishes to use an non-sustained charm, it may draw from the Infernal's pools to do so.

A shard-mind has (essence) soak, and a single health level, making them somewhat ill-suited for combat. If shattered, or if the Infernal ends the charm prematurely, the shard mind returns to its host, carrying the intimacy with it at one lower level, and imposing a point of limit upon the infernal. If shattered, any new information gained is lost when it returns.

If a shard mind is within short range, the infernal can end the charm without consequence, and gains any new information the shard mind possesses.

Crystal Facet Thoughts

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