Door of the Dead

Cost: 2m, 1wp, 1lhl; Type: Dramatic Action
Duration: Sustained
Chanting the Verse of Reflection over an appropriate surface,the necromancer mars the reflection with a splash of blood and steps back, lest she carelessly plunge her hand into another world.

For as long as the droning verse echoes, the surface acts as a portal to the analogous point in the Underworld (or Creation). Beings on both sides can see into another world, step through, or even attack one-another.

When the spell ends, mirrors shatter, water boils and silver violently corrodes – anyone unfortunate enough to be reaching through a portal at the time takes 8A damage as a single attack, possibly enough to amputate limbs.

In the case of very large reflective surfaces (such as the Pearl River, The Inland Sea, or a fire-fused mirror spanning the Southern Wyld, the door's maximum size of short range quickly becomes apparent. Obviously, this spell cannot destroy objects of the five magical materials, they simply become non-reflective. This spell only allows a surface to act as a door, no more and no less. While it can be used on a single polished coin, such a portal still couldn't admit more than a ghostly fly – however, it would count as a door for the purposes of Door-Evading Technique and similar magic. This spell cannot be used in the Wyld or the Labyrinth, where it serves only as a very inefficient way to break glass and boil water. A door also cannot be created in direct sunlight.

Door of the Dead

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