Necromancy Spells

Necromancy manipulates the forces of Entropy, Unlife, and Oblivion. It can be used to raise the dead or harm the living, manipulate shadows and darkness, move between worlds, and cause decay, rust, and rot. It is not a purely malevolent art, but every blessing it gives comes at a price to life, sanity, or health.

Shaping Necromancy:

Casting a Necromancy spell requires a Shape Necromancy action. This is treated as a special sort of Full Action. The Necromancer declares the spell they intent to cast, then pays the cost. However, the spell does not immediately take effect. Instead, they take a number of Shape Necromancy actions equal to the spell's circle. After they have done so, the spell is "released" as a Free action at the beginning of their next turn.


Necromancy is a demanding art, requiring intense concentration. Being disturbed while casting can have disastrous results. If the sorcerer is disturbed while casting, they must make a Concentration Roll, rolling (Intelligence + Occult) at the circle of the spell they are casting, plus modifiers for the intensity of the distraction. If the necromancer fails, the spell is lost, possibly causing magical backlash. If the distraction takes the form of damage, the damage taken adds directly to the difficulty of the concentration roll.

Iron Circle:

Onyx Circle:

Soulsteel Circle:

Necromancy Spells

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