Every character has a past. Even those designed for Exaltation since birth, such as the Dragonblood, spent a period of their life as mortal. The experiences, lessons, and culture they were raised in shaped them into the hero they became. When creating a character, you must pick an origin. This will give you extra abilities, attributes, specialties, and charms relevant to the background chosen.

Sample Origins:

Barbarian: You were born in the wilds of Creation, into one of the warlike tribes that lives off of conflict and raiding. You learned to defend yourself and survive from the first moment you could hold a weapon, and these skills have remained with you to this day.

  • +1 to Strength, Stamina or Resolve.
  • +1 to Survival, Athletics, Command, and Melee.
  • 3 dots of Survival Specialty. 2 dots of Melee Specialty. 3 Specialty dots of Choice.
  • +1 Dots of Backgrounds that can be spend on Followers, Familiar, or an Artifact.
  • One Melee, Survival, or Athletics Charm.

Child of the Streets: Born into urban poverty, you learned to stay out of trouble with the law, and fend for yourself at an early age.

  •  +1 to Dexterity, Wits, or Manipulation
  • +1 to Subterfuge, Awareness and Deception
  •  3 dots of Subterfuge Specialties. 2 Dots of Deception Specialty. 3 Specialty Dots of Choice.
  • +2 Points of Backgrounds that can be spent on Followers, or Contact, or Resources.
  •  One Subterfuge or Deception Charm.

Farmer: You were born to unexceptional circumstances, raising animals or tilling a field in the backwaters of Creation, but somehow managed to distinguish yourself and rise to glory.

  • +1 to Stamina, Resolve, or Wits
  • +1 to Survival, Athletics, Artifice and Empathy
  • +1 Specialty Dots of Survival, +1 Specialty Dots of Athletics, +1 Specialty Dot of Artifice, +1 Specialty Dot of Empathy, +2 Specialty Dots of Choice.
  • +1 Point of Backgrounds that can be spent on familiar.
  • One Starting Charm from Empathy or Survival. One Starting Charm of Choice.

Gladiator: Combat as entertainment is common in nearly every culture in Creation. Successful gladiators are as revered as talented artists, given patronage and wealth, while underground slave-fighting rings thrive in the seedier parts of humanity.

  • +1 to Strength, Stamina, or Charisma
  • +1 to Melee, Athletics, and Expression and Marksmanship
  • 3 Dots of Melee or Marksmanship Speciality, 2 Dots of Expression, 3 Specialty Dots of Choice.
  • 1 Dot of Backgrounds that can be spent on Resources, Backing, or Influence.
  • One Melee, Athletics or Expression Charm.

Monk: You were inducted into a spiritual order of some sort, be it the priests of a deity, or the followers of a path of enlightenment. During this period, you learned to hone and focus your body and mind.

  • +1 to Intelligence, Stamina or Resolve.
  • +1 to Occult, Lore, Athletics, and Empathy. 
  • 3 Dots of Lore Specialty. 2 Dots of Occult Specialty. 3 Dots of Choice.
  • +1 Dot of Backgrounds that can be spent on Backing, Influence, or Cult.
  • One Occult, Performance, or Martial Arts Charm.

Mysterious Past: Either from very unknown, unusual, or humble backgrounds, you were shaped by a variety of experiences that gave you an eclectic set of skills.

  • +1 to any Attribute.
  • +1 to any three Abilities.
  • Five Specialty Dots.
  • One Charm of Choice.

Professional Solider: Few nations have the wealth to maintain a standing army. Those that do are feared by their neighbors. You are either a member of the Realm Legions, Lookshy's Armies, or a Mercenary. In any case, you've learned to fight with discipline and teamwork.

  • +1 to Stamina, Resolve, or Wits
  • +1 to Melee, Marksmanship, Athletics, and Command
  • 3 dots of Melee or Marksmanship specialty, 2 dots of Command specialty, 2 specialty dots of choice.
  • +1 Background dots of Followers, Backing, or Allies
  • One Command, Melee, or Marksmanship Charm.

Sex Worker: Whether you were from the most elegant Realm brothels or walking the streets of Nexus, you learned to use your physical appearance, and charm to gain respect, influence, and power.

  • +1 to Stamina, Charisma, or Manipulation
  • +1 to Subterfuge, Empathy and Deception
  • 2 dot of Empathy and Deception Specialty.  2 Specialty Dots of Choice.
  • +2 Points of Background that can be spent on Allies, Contacts, or Resources.
  • One Empathy or Deception Charm.

Skilled Tradesmen: You have spent your life in pursuit of mastery of a trade, be it blacksmithing, carpentry, or architecture.

  • +1 to Intelligence, Resolve, or Strength
  • +1 Lore, +1 Artifice, +1 Debate, +1 Awareness
  •  +3 Specialty dots in Artifice, +2 Specialty Dots in Lore, +3 Speciality Dots to distribute as you choose.
  •  +1 Background dot of Resources, Artifact, or Backing.
  • One Artifice or Lore charm


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