Quick-Start Guide

Character creation is always an intimidating process. Here’s a step-by-step guide of what you can do to get started building a character.

Quick Character Sheet Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NEoJSnxjrVebLjS4vBZjAAzdLMxFDH3E2PH6d507V8k/edit?usp=sharing

1. Decide Concept:

All characters start with a concept. This is likely to be very simple, at first- “Barbarian Warrior,” “Political Assassin,” “Cult Leader,” “Ambitious Politician.”

That’s a perfectly acceptable place to stop, for now, but you should spend some time thinking about your character’s past, culture, appearance, and name.

2. Decide Exalted Type and Caste:

In Exalted, you are playing as an Exalt, a super-human legend in the making. The type of Exalted you are determines your powers, and will dramatically shape your story. Decide carefully—this cannot be changed later in play.

3. Decide Origin:

Every character comes from somewhere. Picking an origin helps customize your character by giving them a past, and special traits linked to what they may have learned from that.

4. Allocate Attributes:

Mark down 1 dot in each attribute, then any extra dots you gain from your Origin.

Choose your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary of Physical (Strength, Dex, Stamina), Social (Charisma, Manipulation, Resolve), and Mental (Wits, Intelligence, Perception.)

Distribute 8 dots among your Primary, 6 among your Secondary, and 4 among your Tertiary.

No single attribute can go above 5.

5. Allocate Abilities:

Mark 5 Favored Abilities.

Apply any Origin Bonuses.

Divide 15 dots among all abilities, ensuring one ability is at 5.

Only Favored Abilities may be raised above 3 at Character Creation.

6. Allocate Backgrounds:

Apply any Origin Bonuses

Buy 5 points of Backgrounds. Consult your Storyteller for permission for any Background rated above 3.

7. Allocate Charms:

Apply any charms gained from your Origin.

Take 5 starting charms or spells.

8. Decide on Intimacies:

Try to have at least 2 starting intimacies.

9. Finishing Touches:

You have (5+Resolve) starting Willpower

You have 20 Starting Motes.

You have 8 + (Stamina x2) Health levels.

You have access to any starting Equipment that you have bought with Backgrounds, or the Storyteller deems reasonable.

Quick-Start Guide

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