Release of Fetters

Cost: 2m(O); Type: Supplemental (Attack Action)
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Instant
Mins: Essence 4
Prerequisite Charms: Wind-Shearing Hearts , Thousandfold Typhoon Hand

Adorjan loved Adrian dearly. She wept to see him go—but her tears were of joy. In his release there was a lesson, carved upon the newly-forged silent wind.

Love is fleeting. Nothing lasts.

This is the lesson mad Adorjan seeks, above all else, to share with the world. Attachment is folly. To activate this charm, the Infernal must have destroyed a target’s greatest love within their perception, as Adrian was slain before Adorjan. (Mechanically, they must irreparably destroy one of their intimacies, be it a person or object, or cause.) Then, to ensure their kindness is remembered, they drive it home with a lesson of the flesh-a beautiful series of strikes, each of which trails hungry red ribbons, too fast to perceive. Rather than attack the body, these strikes attack the soul, leaving no physical damage.

This charm supplements an attack action, rendering the damage aggravated. The Infernal adds the destroyed intimacy’s rating in successes to the Accuracy, Damage and Defense of the attack. This charm can only be activated once per affected intimacy.

If this attack slays a target, they vanish as if unmade on the spot.

Release of Fetters

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