Remedial Acceleration Oversight

Cost: 2m; Type: Dramatic Action
Keywords: Touch, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Mins: Essence 3
Prerequisite Charms: Autonomous Pattern Reconstruction
When a necessary component is broken, there is no time to wait or waste. When desperate times arise, the Defiler may simply create new material from pure essence, reforming bone and blood in a burst of white fire. Such flesh is unnaturally perfect, as smooth as a newborn babe.

The Defiler makes a (Intelligence+Medicine) roll, channeling his will upon a target or inanimate object. The Infernal may either cure one bashing level per success, or one lethal level per two successes.

Although the target is restored to full utility, the process is unnatural and violent, an imposition of the Defiler's will. Thus, the target suffers a -1 penalty to all actions, for one day or session after being healed.

This charm cannot be used again on a target until a session has passed.

Remedial Acceleration Oversight

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