Social Skills (Debate, Deception, Expression, Empathy, Command)


Debate is the art of verbal persuasion in a one-on-one context. It can deceitful or truthful, but it covers everything from impassioned pleas to a monarch, to the give and take of a political negotiation, to battlefield diplomacy and trade meetings.

Who Has It: Lords, Con Men and Ambassadors

Sample Rolls:

(Manipulation + Debate) to convince someone to act upon a lie.

(Charisma + Debate) to inspire a friend to action.

(Strength + Debate) to bully someone in a one-on-one situation.


Deception is the art of disguise and concealing one’s emotions and intentions. It covers keeping composure or a false face and pretending to be someone else. It’s often resisted by Empathy.

Who Has It: Con Men, Actors and Spies.

Sample Rolls:

(Manipulation + Deception) to trick someone into thinking you like them.

(Resolve + Deception) to come up with a convincing fake story while being tortured.


Expression is the art of playing to a crowd, be it through music, dance, song, or skilled oration. It covers most large-scale attempts to communicate with people, and often, is a “universal language.” After all, even the crudest barbarian or proudest dynast can appreciate a good song. It’s a valuable skill to those who wish to draw the eyes and passion of the passes.

Who Has It: Skalds, courtesans, demagogues, and revolutionaries.


Empathy is the art of reading others. It helps tip you off to social taboos, strong emotions, lies, and beliefs. Understanding the causes of another, after all, is useful both to the spymaster, and the debater.

Who Has It: Spymasters, Advisors, and Monks.


Command is the skill of managing organizations. It governs the arts of war and bureaucracy alike, from the movements of the general to the schemes of the merchant prince. Trade and combat, after all, are two sides of the same coin.

Who Has It: Generals, Kings, and Merchant-Princes.

Social Skills (Debate, Deception, Expression, Empathy, Command)

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