Willpower and Intimacies


Willpower represents a character’s mental stress and fortitude—their ability to stay focused and composed under pressure. It acts as a mental health track.

Willpower of Characters:

All heroic characters have 5+(Resolve) WP.

Unnamed or non-heroic characters generally have between 1-5 Willpower.

Using Willpower:
  • Heroic characters may spend a single point of WP on any action to add one success to that action, representing that character's heroic resolve. This cannot be used to prevent a botch. Nonheroic characters cannot use willpower in this manner.
  • WP is used to activate certain charms, and to cast all Sorcery and Necromancy Spells.
  • WP is used to resist social and mental influence that compels your character to take an action.
  • WP is used to act against Intimacies for that scene.
Regaining Willpower:

Willpower is recovered by the following means:

  • A good night’s rest recovers 1 point of WP.
  • Succeeding on an action which is driven by an intimacy awards that intimacy's rating in dice of WP.
  • Limit Break completely refreshes a character's WP track to full, representing the catharsis of losing control.
  • WP is completely restored on the completion of a Story Arc.
  • A character may choose to receive WP equal to the rating of a stunt, instead of a mote reward.
  • Impressive RP can result in a WP point being awarded, at the storyteller’s discretion.


Intimacies represent a character’s values, principles, and emotional ties. In essence, they are what define a character’s personality. Acting in accordance with one’s intimacies brings the strength of certainty, while opposing them takes a mental toll.

Principles and Ties:

Intimacies come in two types: Principles and Ties.

  • Principles represent values, personal codes, and ideals: “Spare those who surrender.” “Knowledge must be acquired,” “I enjoy a good fight.”
  • Ties represent attachments to a tangible subject. “I love my family,” “I hate the realm,” “I find the prince attractive.”
Levels of Intimacies:

Intimacies come in three levels: Minor, Major, and Defining.

  • A minor intimacy indicates something that you would go out of your way to uphold. It has a occasional impact on your life.
  • A major intimacy indicates something you’d risk physical harm to uphold. It shapes many of your decisions.
  • A defining intimacy indicates something you’d risk near certain death to uphold—a core of your beliefs.
Benefits and Risks of Intimacies:

There is no limit to the number of intimacies a character may have. However, intimacies are a double-edged sword, capable of both empowering and causing a character danger. In addition to the ability of Intimacies to recover WP, as listed above, they have the following effects:

  • Intimacies may be “channeled,” granting dice on an action that matches their context. A minor intimacy grants two dice, a major grants four, and a defining grants six dice. Each intimacy may only be channeled once per session.
  • Intimacies help defend from social influence that opposes their context.
  • Intimacies determine the effects of certain charms.
  • When a character knowing takes a course of action that opposes an intimacy, they must pay a point of WP. In addition, they roll that intimacy’s rating, and gain that much limit.

Willpower and Intimacies

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