Accidents Waiting to Happen

Cost: 4m, 2wp, 3lhl ;Type: Dramatic Action,
Target: Area
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Indefinite
The living rarely acknowledge how close to death they come every single day. A runaway cart, a ceiling weakened by decay and rain, manure exposed to a spark—the mind generally blocks out such possibilities. A necromancer, however, can make the worst-case-scenario slightly more probable.

The Necromancer stakes out an area no larger than a quarter-mile in radius, which must encompass a single, metaphysical space—a palace, a neighborhood, a farm, or a villa are all examples of such. They then make a sacrifice which must come from a person from the accursed area, dividing the sacrifice's body into five parts, which are hidden within the perimeter.

Thereafter, the area as a whole is stricken with a lethal curse. Any physical (roll using Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina) roll that fails with with 0 successes is counted as a botch, regardless of if the victim rolled a 1 or not.

These botches inevitably turn hazardous, manifesting as terrible and tragic happenstance—a chef slips, and falls upon their knife, a farmer is kicked to death by a cow, a noble stumbles down the stairs and snaps their neck.

Mechanically, these botches manifest as environmental hazards with the following statistics: Damage: (Occult+Essence)L, Single Interval, Trauma: (Essence/2)

The curse can only be removed by appropriate countermagic, which must be cast upon a part of the victim’s remains or recovery and proper interment of all five pieces of the sacrifice’s remains.

Accidents Waiting to Happen

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