Most items in Creation are crafted for a simple purpose, out of simple materials. Bronze Axes, Iron armor, ships of oak or yew, carved by hands of mortals. Exceptional craftsmen, however, can weave the magic that permeates Creation into their work, creating objects strange and wondrous: Artifacts.

Artifacts are made by the greatest of mortal smiths and inventors, and is the catch-all term for magical equipment. Artifacts may be crafted by player characters, purchased as a background, or found, bargained for, or stolen in the course of play. All Artifacts share common traits, however.

  • They are obviously special. Unless a particular effort has been spent to disguise the item as a mundane work of craftsmanship, Artifacts look impressive. They glitter more brightly than gold, shine with colors not found in common creation, or even catch flame or shift.
  • They are made of exceptional objects. Even a master smith cannot make an Artifact sword out of common iron. It must be quenched in the blood of a Fae, or hammered into shape on the top of a sacred mountain.
  • They require out-of-character payment. As Artifacts are meant to be powerful, they require a cost to use. During character creation, this is the Background Points used to buy them. During play, this is XP equal to their rating. This cost is refunded if the Artifact is stolen, broken, lost, or ceases to be of use to the player somehow.
Straightforward Wonders:

At their simplest, Artifacts can be better-quality versions of mundane goods. A sword that never dulls, made of impossibly light metal, with a blade sharp enough to cut through a dropped ribbon of silk. This is represented as a +1 increase to an objects base traits.

For a weapon, this would mean it gets +1 Accuracy, Damage, and Defense.

For armor, this would mean it gets +1 Soak and Mobility.

For equipment, this means that it gets a larger bonus. For example, a smoke grenade would get +1 to the awareness penalty.

Magical Material Guide:

Rare phenomena and essence patterns have lead to the appearance of a number of materials with supernatural qualities, some of which are documented below. This is hardly a complete list—Creation is vast.

  • Orichalcum: A golden metal of unparalleled hardness, Orichalcum is called “The Sun’s Gift” by some. Metal goods forged of it add an additional +1 to all traits.
  • Moonsilver: Called “Luna’s Blood,” this iridescent silver metal appears wherever the Wyld is. Some say it’s the blood Luna shed in defense of creation. When forged into a item, it renders it oddly flexible, capable of shifting and flowing like something alive. Metal goods forged of it may add +2 to any single trait the beginning of a scene.

List of Artifacts


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