Baneful Sun and Shadow

Cost: 4m, 2wp; Type: Dramatic Action
Target: One Creature
Keywords: Arcane Link
Duration: Indefinite
A necromancer can taint a soul so it shrivels in the light of Creation, in an hour-long ritual where they corrupt and sever the target’s ties of Essence to the world.

In the sunlit realm, the victim feels weak and vaguely ill, suffering a (-Essence/2) External penalty to all actions. It also blocks all recover of motes barring that of stunts or overdrive pools, severing the ties of essence that link them to this world.

If the victim spends too much time outside the Underworld or a shadowland, he slowly withers and dies—and if the spell kills him, he rises as a ghost. For each continuous month spent in Creation, the target suffers one unsoakable level of aggravated damage that neither time nor magic can heal in Creation.

Returning to the Underworld allows the damage to heal naturally

. Cast upon a heroic character, the players of both the necromancer and the character make a contested roll of the Necromancers (Intelligence+Occult) versus the target’s (Stamina+Attribute), each adding essence as successes. If the necromancer triumphs, the target is cursed until countermagic or the necromancer’s whim ends the spell.

Baneful Sun and Shadow

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