Breath of the Ice Titan

Cost: 3m, 1wp; Type: Shape Sorcery
Duration: One Scene
A vision of fallen Hunanura, the Heart-Frost Unending looms behind the sorcerer, rime crusted on its crown, and draws in a massive breath. When it releases it, a wave of frost and mist billows out, chilling all it touches to the bone.

This spell creates a cone of freezing mist out to Long Range. Plants are flash-frozen, and water turns to ice, but the living are hardier. Instead, for every action they remain in the field of frost, they are subjected to an environmental hazard.

Hazard: Damage: (Essence), Trauma (Essence/2), Penalty: -1+(Essence/2)

The cold summoned by this spell is a supernatural chill that eats to the bone, slowing limbs and stilling hearts. For each point of damage suffered by this hazard, a victim takes a stacking -1 penalty to Athletics-based actions. This penalty recedes at a rate of (Stamina) points per action out of the mist.

Breath of the Ice Titan

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