Broken Body Lessons

Cost: 2m 1wp; Type: Full Action
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Shaping, Obvious, Training
Mins: Essence 4
Prerequisite Charms: Fealty Acknowledging Audience
Pain can teach many lessons. When an Infernal beats an enemy into submission, marking off their incapacitated health level, they may choose to turn the pain and humiliation into a burning lesson—to teach their adversary how to become stronger.

The Infernal marks their target with a searing brand, a scar like molten brass and fire in the shape of the Infernal’s personal crest or anima. In exchange, the target may acquire any or all of the following "gifts."

  • Enlightened Essence, as long as they are not in XP debt.
  • One of the Infernal’s Malfean charms that the target knows the prerequisites for, as long as the target is not already in XP debt.
  • Up to (Essence) points of mutations from the Infernal's rage recast pool.

The power granted by this charm comes with a price—in addition to being marked with the Slayer's personal sigil, the target gains a limit track, if they do not have one already, with Berserk Rage as their limit break. In additional, those affected by this charm become Creatures of Darkness. The effects of this charm may be lifted by killing the Slayer.

Broken Body Lessons

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