Coin of Distant Vision

Cost: 3m, 1wp; Type: Dramatic Action
Target: Coin
Keywords: Scrying
Duration: (Essence) Days
The sorcerer spits into her palm and forms in her hand a black ceramic coin inscribed with arcane sigils. She can place the coin where she likes.

Thereafter she can concentrate, performing a miscellaneous action to project her consciousness to the coin. While doing so, her body is considered Inactive. As her sense of touch is not projected, she still has awareness of her own body and she can stay standing or upright, and she knows instantly if her body is shaken or injured. The sorcerer may return her consciousness to her own body as a response.

While her mind is projected to the coin, the sorcerer sees, hears and smells everything as if she stood at the coin's location. As they occupy the coin's vicinity, her senses are identical to her senses in her body, and she may benefit normally from all sense-enhancing charms.

The sorcerer instinctively knows the distance of her senses from her body and the direction to the coin. She can find the coin just by traveling toward it, concentrating periodically to discover if it has moved.

Coin of Distant Vision

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