Corrupted Words

Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Shape Sorcery
Keywords: Compulsion
Duration: Indefinite
An incantation to help sorcerers keep their secrets, this affects one target within short range. The sorcerer evokes a seething, bilious green ball between his hands. He names the subject matter about which the target cannot speak and releases the ball.

The vile green energy rushes toward and into the mouth of the target and down her throat, dissolving into a ward within the target's body. The sorcerer rolls (Intelligence+Occult+Essence) against their target. If they succeed, the effect takes hold.

Subjects who even think of violating the binding feel nausea. So do subjects who try to devise ways to get past the limitations of the spell, such as by writing or using sign language. Victims who ignore the warning and go ahead with their communication—be it verbal, written, silent, telepathic, or anything else—feel wracking pain and vomit dozens of fat, white maggots. The target cannot take any non-reflexive actions that action; she's in too much pain to concentrate on anything but throwing up. This spell can provoke inconvenient reactions, from uncomprehending fear to immediate knowledge that someone doesn't want the victim to speak of something.

To dismiss this spell, the sorcerer reaches into the victim's mouth and speaks the last word of the spell backward. The victim violently disgorges the spell, which manifests as a slimy, egg-like sac filled with tiny, squirming larvae.

Corrupted Words

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