Denying the Call

Cost: 15m, 1 AhL, 2wp, Type: Simple,
Target: Creature, Recently Dead
Keywords: Obvious, Shaping, Blasphemy
Duration: Special
As a puppeteer controls dolls of wood and cloth, so does the necromancer pull the strings of life and death. Balling her hands into fists, the caster forces a soul recently dead to reanimate its body and ties it there. The threads of black Essence that bind the soul to its dead flesh quickly wear out, however, and no force is mighty enough to keep fate at bay forever. The target must have died no more than (Essence Days) before the spell was cast. He rises again as a Creature of Darkness with only a single health level above Incapacitated, but that health level can only be lost to a level of aggravated damage. For the spell’s duration, the target individual is considered a creature of darkness.

The target’s time is measured, through. Each dawning of the sun, they permanently lose a dot of Stamina and Willpower. Once either of those statistics reach 0, the target dies.

A dead soul wants nothing more than to lie down, to sleep restfully for the three days before it can release its po and fly toward reincarnation or an unlife in the Underworld. Targets are very much aware that they were briefly dead. They do not know they are doomed to collapse again shortly (though some people might guess). Animals and the very stupid generally return to whatever they were doing before being slain, while the canny or loyal recognize the opportunity for revenge or a short period of continued service.

This may only be cast on a target once.

Denying the Call

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