Disguise of the New Face

Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Dramatic Action
Target: Person
Duration: One Day
Subtle sorcerers can weave an Illusion that makes a target look like another person via the occult knot-pattern of the false self. This process requires an extended ritual during which the sorcerer weaves a skein of essence around their disguisee.

Once the persona-tapestry is woven, it flares briefly with violet and black light before it fades into the target, completely disguising the target. The illusion changes appearance, feel, and voice, making it unlikely to be noticed by simple interaction. Clothes are not included, and the disguise must be of roughly the same body-type as the target. When contested, this charm adds 1+(Caster's Essence/2) to all disguise rolls to impersonate the chosen target.

The spell lasts a full day, or until broken or dismissed. The sorcerer may choose to allow the target to dismiss the disguise at will, or reserve that honor for themselves. One flaw is that the glowing banner of an Exalt's anima is too bright to be contained by such a disguise—if an Exalted flares to bonfire or higher, the disguise will break.

This spell requires an Arcane Link to the source of the disguise.

Disguise of the New Face

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