Cost: 3m, 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: One Scene
The eldest among the dead are boundlessly spiteful creatures; unable to better themselves, they want nothing more than to drag others down to their level. Speaking the Litany of Unrequited Desire and slamming her open palm into the ground, the necromancer leaves an enchanted handprint that fills the dead with vengeful passion.

Skeletal arms burst through the ground out to Medium range of the Necromancer. The spell causes enough decay, erosion and rust for the skeletal hands to easily punch through marble floors and steel gratings – only the Magical Materials refuse to yield.

Anyone moving into or through the area within Melee range of the ground suffers an immediate clinch using a pool of (Wits+Occult+Essence) upon each of the necromancer’s actions. The necromancer can designate excluded targets. Every action, on the necromancer’s action in which a character remains clinched, the hands attempt to pull him down – a contested roll of (Strength or Dexterity+Athletics) vs. a roll of the necromancer’s (Wits+Occult+Essence).

Failing the roll means the victim is pulled progressively deeper into the earth – first up to his knees (imposing the penalties of knee-deep mud) then up to his chest, worsening the penalty accordingly, and finally under the earth, where he begins to suffocate immediately. Succeeding on the roll means he either stays on the surface or struggles out one level.

The skeletal hands may be destroyed easily, as they never defend and have only one health level, but this is usually fruitless, as they are quickly replaced. A successful clinch represents the collective pawing of dozens of hands – smashing a few will not free a trapped victim. Attacks that target a wide area, such as Arrow Storm Technique, Peony Blossom Attack or Hundred Razor Circle will clear their radius for two actions.


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