Flesh Sloughing Wave

Cost: 3m 1wp; Type: Full Action
Keywords: Threshing(2), Obvious
Duration: Instant
This spell was originally devised as an efficient way to strip flesh from bone for the Underworld's craftsmen, but its lethal potential in Creation was quickly realized. Nearby bones take on an ivory glow, and living creatures feel a disturbing pull beneath their skin as the necromancer gathers a ball of bone-white essence into her hand.

The glowing, wispy sphere goes out to long range, and fills two range bands. The necromancer's player rolls (Perception+Occult+Essence) as an attack against all targets caught in the dome. The necromancer herself is immune to all damage.

The spell inflicts (Willpower+Essence)L damage.

Victims that take damage reduce their natural soak by 1+(Caster's Essence/2) until the end of the scene. Items made of dead skin, such as leather armor and the skins of tents, are effectively destroyed. Fair Folk take aggravated damage from this spell.

Even by necromantic standards, death by this spell is excruciating and horrifying – unless prevented by magic, victims of Flesh-Sloughing Wave invariably rise as flayed hungry ghosts.

Flesh Sloughing Wave

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