Flight of the Brilliant Raptor

Cost: 2m 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
Target: Melee Range of Target
Keywords: Threshing
Duration: Instant
The sorcerer's essence coalesces into an eagle-sized bird of prey made of diamond and ruby flame. The bird then streaks with unearthly speed toward the sorcerer's designated foe. Right before it slams into the target, it gives the shrill victory cry of a Garda bird, then explodes in a torrent of superhot fire.

 The sorcerer's player rolls an attack of (Perception + Occult + Essence). The attack can target out to Long Range, has a base damage of (Willpower+Essence)L, and hits everyone within one range band of the target.

On impact, it explodes, showering the area in magical flames until the end of the scene. Everything in the explosion area catches fire, even if not normally flammable—hair, skin, objects and even the ground

This Inferno has is an environmental hazard with Damage (Willpower/2)/action, Trauma (Essence/2)

Flight of the Brilliant Raptor

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