Grove of Ivory

Cost: 2m 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
Target: Area no further than short range.
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Instant
A lesser, more focused version of Ivory Razor Forest, this spell is often used for temporary imprisonment of enemies, or to defend an important chokepoint.

The necromancer flings a bag of knucklebones at the ground, upon which long, skeletal spines burst forth, filling an area that extends to no further than Short Range. The wall must be anchored to a solid object, be it the ground, or something else, but otherwise, can take any form—a gate, a physical wall, or a dome are potential options.

Enemies caught on the edge of the wall must succeed on a reflexive (dexterity) roll at a difficulty of 1+(caster's essence) to avoid being hit, after which they may pick which side they end up on. Hard contact with the wall results in being lacerated by razor-sharp bones with a damage of 5+(caster's Essence). Moving through the cracks in the wall is a nearly insane proposition, requiring a successful Dexterity roll of 4.

In addition to its functions as a trap or barrier, the Ivory Grove grants cover (-2) against ranged attacks, while rendering melee attacks impossible without a stunt.

Grove of Ivory

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