Infinite Footsteps

Cost: 5m, 2wp; Type: Shape Sorcery
Target: One Journey
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: One Journey
The Labyrinth is a shifting, dangerous place constructed from the Neverborns’ quicksilver dreams and nightmares. Foolhardy travelers can use the Labyrinth to cross the Underworld, taking advantage of the strange passage of time in its warped halls.

Standing either in the Underworld, or at night in Creation, the caster sacrificed a token of her destination to the Neverborn. It may be a bit of dust from the ground there or the plasm from a creature or ghost who dwells in the area. Whatever it is, the Essence-charged token warps the ground into a long, curving hallway of the Labyrinth’s black stone with supports made from the white ribcages of lost giants. It is broad enough for seven zombies to stagger abreast.

This necromantic passage forces a direct connection between the necromancer’s destination and the entrance to the Labyrinth where he now stands. No matter how close or far the two locations may be in the Underworld above, walking the infinite hallway takes one full day of travel. No other magic or means of transportation can speed this journey.

The entrance remains until the Caster and any they see fit to travel with them pass through it, after which it vanishes over the period of an action.

Infinite Footsteps

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