Mists of Eventide

Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
Target: Short Range of Target
Keywords: Poison, Threshing 2
Duration: Scene
The sorcerer forms with her hands a representation of the Gates of Eventide, the metaphorical "gates of sleep" through which all must pass to reach the lands of dream. The sorcerer takes a deep breath and blows through the gate, her breath becomes opalescent mist as it passes through.

This plume of iridescent fog billows forth and settles in an area within Long Range of the Sorcerer, filling a circle of two range bands where it hangs, eerily unaffected by wind or weather. Anyone who breathes this mist is afflicted with a poison with the following statistics:

Damage: (Essence)WP, Interval (Action), Intervals (essence/2 actions after leaving the mist), Toxicity: (Essence/2), Penalty (-1)

Instead of Stamina, however, the victim rolls their Wits in defense. If a victim completely loses WP, they fall unconscious. Victims sleep one full day. Sleepers awaken rested and may roll to regain Willpower as normal. Victims also awaken if they take one or more levels of damage. In addition, the mist imposes a -1 penalty to vision, and ranged accuracy.

Mists of Eventide

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